Louise Biles

Chief Financial Officer

corporate transactions • overseeing business performance
trusted business partner • strategic planning and budgeting

Louise Biles

Louise manages the group’s finances and works closely with Vidett’s leadership team to identify opportunities for growth either organically or via acquisitions.


Louise joined Vidett as chief financial officer (CFO) when the business was founded in 2023, after spending 10 years in practice with BDO LLP and 12 years at Punter Southall (PS) group as head of business partnering.

In her role, Louise is taking a leading role in the integration of the two businesses and managing key stakeholder relationships.

Previously Louise was head of finance business partnering. Strategically focused, Louise was key to the PS group’s numerous corporate transactions notably the sale of Punter Southall Wealth Limited to Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management and the merger of Punter Southall Governance Services (PSGS) with 20-20 Trustees to form Vidett.

Outside of work, Louise enjoys walking her two dogs, travelling and spending time with family.


Chartered accountant (FCA).