Vidett are a team of professional trustee and governance experts

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Vidett is a privately owned business, independent from any other provider of services to corporate pension and employee benefit schemes. With an unrivalled knowledge bank to support client needs, Vidett currently looks after well over 475 client schemes with total assets of over £142bn and covering over 2,500,000 scheme members.

Vidett is led by co-Chief Executives, Naomi L’Estrange (formerly Managing Director of 20-20) and Wayne Phelan (formerly Chief Executive Officer of PSGS), supported by a senior leadership team drawn from across the predecessor businesses.

PSGS and 20-20 were complementary businesses, with different attributes but similar ambition and cultures. Vidett is based on this shared ethos of dynamic, collaborative teamwork, sharing knowledge to drive progress for our clients and embracing innovation to find effective solutions to our clients’ challenges and drive efficiency. Coming together as Vidett demonstrates the seriousness of our offering and commitment to the market and to growth.

It’s also great for our staff. They’re part of a strong, confident business, committed to investing in our people to make us the employer of choice in a very competitive market. It’s great for our clients, who will have access to an unrivalled pool of knowledge and experience and benefit from a wider range of services. Client satisfaction will be one of the measures of Vidett’s success.

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Why Vidett?

Vidett is based on words from several languages – broadly meaning to see or find out.

It reflects the fact – whether we’re acting as independent trustee or governance professional – we need to see the situation before us and know what needs to be done to move forward. It also reflects activity and involvement with our clients and advisers – looking out for their needs and interests.