Chérilyn Lamonby

Associate Director


project management • building client relationships
budgeting and invoicing • project work • PPF • PPF+

Chérilyn Lamonby

Chérilyn’s main focus is on Pension Protection Fund (PPF) clients, which sees her dealing on a day to day basis with underfunded schemes, as well as liaising with The Pensions Regulator (TPR).


Chérilyn joined us in 2017 as a senior trustee consultant, where her duties included assisting the trustee directors, as well as managing the ongoing schemes and PPF Schemes in her portfolio. She is also involved in several ongoing schemes which she enjoys working on, including a capital asset backed scheme, an insured arrangement and a scheme that has a guarantee in place with the employer.

Beginning her pensions career in 1996 with Buck Consultants, Chérilyn worked as a senior pension administrator; dealing with the daily admin calculations and administration of the schemes. She later became involved in scheme projects, which saw her handling journey plans, buy-ins, buy outs and dealing with the PPF.

In her spare time, Chérilyn is a very active person, who loves both running and cycling to keep fit. She is also an avid gardener, who loves growing her own fruit and vegetables.



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