Freda Mensah

Scheme Manager

PPF • project management • scheme returns
PPF+ • scheme secretarial • defined benefit (DB)

Freda Mensah

Freda works within the Payment Protection Fund (PPF) team, where she oversees schemes through the PPF assessment period.


Freda joined us in 2014 as part of the PPF Team, bringing with her experience in managing pension schemes through their PPF assessments.

Her first pensions role was as an administrator of Ghana’s National Social Security Pension Scheme where she reviewed and processed pensions, assembled claims and organised payment of dependants’ benefits. She then developed her studies in the UK, taking an MBA. Freda later took a brief internship with the Ghana International Bank PLC working on a project regarding the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Freda has grown over the years and gained valuable experience within the industry. She runs her own portfolio of PPF cases and in addition to managing the projects, she maintains overall responsibility for overseeing the PPF team’s billing, fees and invoicing process. Freda has recently been getting more involved in PPF+ cases.

In her spare time, Freda enjoys listening to country music and loves spending time her family. She has most recently taken up baking as a hobby and attempts recipes every now and then, with her little boy as a helper and taster!


Master of Business Administration (MBA), BA Information Studies and Linguistics, Working towards the PMI’s Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision (4 modules remaining).