Capturing investment opportunities

Our first ever Risk Transfer Conference bought over 200 professionals from the industry together at Villa Park. The day was made up of various panels, including one with representatives from Isio, Legal and General, Linklaters and Cardano.

The session looked at how we can capture different investment opportunities in the run up to a transaction, focusing on different timescales and how this could influence behaviour. The panel offered insights on how trustees and sponsors should approach each situation and overcome barriers to ensure a successful outcome.

Whilst for many pension schemes this is a well-trodden path beginning several years before the transaction, rising gilt yields in 2022 and increasing credit spreads led in many instances the journey has accelerated. The panel looked at what insurers and trustees could consider six weeks out, six months out and two years out.

Six weeks out – preparation is vital

  • interest rates
  • inflation
  • credit spreads

Six months to go – easing the pressure

A packed Villa Park listen in to an expert panel at the Risk Transfer Conference

Two years out – proactive and careful planning is vital

To conclude

Please note this blog originally featured in Always Finance News on 30th August.

Becky Wood


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